Friday, January 14, 2005

Ur of the Chaldeans

Well, I'm here and "here" is Talil Air Base which is also know as Camp Adder. You can read more about it at the following link:

The reference to Ur in my title is due to the fact that the ancient city of Ur is located right outside of the base camp. Ur, of course, was home to the patriarch Abraham in the Old Testament. They run regular tours for soldiers to go and see the archeological sites. I heard it is worth the trip, and plan on going there sometime.

Right now the weather is quite pleasant. It gets pretty cold at night. Enough to require a coat and gloves in the morning. But my mid-afternoon the sun is bright and the temp rises into the mid to high 60's. I'll enjoy it while it lasts. Some of the guys that have been here a while have witnessed temps in the 130's during the summer. You can check out the weather and forecast here:

I want to say "thank you" again for all the posts. It's great to see words of encouragement from all my friends at church, Dell, and of course, family. It motivates me to post more often knowing that all of you are reading regularly.

Amy, Alex, Jessica, Jennifer, Seth and Luke - I miss you all very much and think of you every day.

Mom - Megan and I are doing fine. We are emailing each other and trying to figure out when we can link up.

John G. - I adopted you as my brother about 20 years ago. I only wish we would have met sooner. Yes, I can definitley use some space to publish photos. Send me an email and let me know what I need to do.

All my friends at Dell - keep up the good work and get the stock price higher so I can get that boat when I get back. :-)

Gotta go. I'll be blogging again soon.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

John it is great to see you able to post so often! We really miss you around here. Keep the upbeat commentary coming.....We will always keep you and the others in our prayers to return home FAST and SAFE.

Amy and Family - don't forget we are here for you too. If you need anything just give us a ring.


11:37 AM  
Blogger Junkpoet said...

1.14.05 Usually check several times a day. Don't always leave a note.

Sent you an email about how to upload pictures or to send them to me to upload. Once they get posted your site will be

I've taken the liberty of setting up the page which I would encourage everyone to view and bookmark.

Glad to know everything is going well and you're getting some much needed "culture" while you're there.

Been watching eBay for one of those Harry Potter invisicloak robes that make you invisible. Thought you could use one over there. Hard to come by tho. I'll keep my eye out.

Take care,


3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi John!
We are just thrilled to know that you are in good spirits! Thanks so much for setting this blogger up. I guess you have some idea how many people are loving, caring, and praying for the Uppermans.:-) Be blessed!

Alfred & Andrea Phoenix

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dad! Hope everything is going good for you. Everything is good here except for the weather. -15 degree windchill today. We've only had school four days in the last two weeks. We could use some of that weather you have over there. Well, just wanted to stop in and say hi. Keep bloggin away, miss you lots.


11:46 PM  
Blogger Junkpoet said...

1.15.05 Found it interesting while checking the weather this morning (over there) that the page has links that say:

Your An Nasiriyah, Iraq ...

* Allergy & air quality reports
* Ski resort conditions & forecast
* Flu season update
* Airport conditions & delays
* Best times & places to exercise

Didn't realize ski resorts were such an attraction over there. And you've been telling us there's not much of a tourist trade! I think you've just been trying to keep it to yourself.

Amy -> have you seen the picture page I set up for John? Put a "starter" up there just to make sure everything works. Ya'll were/are so "cute".

.....she's a


8:26 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Hon, it is great to read your 'bloggings'. It is so cool that you are right there in the area where so much Biblical history took place. I can't say that I wish I were there ..... but only that I wish we were together. Take lots of pictures so we can see it all from a soldiers point of view and not just the media's. I LOVE YOU LOTS !!!

As far as the website for John's photos ( the startup picture is from 1991 and my big hair WAS in style !!! I promise it will be back !!! Leg warmers are !!!

1:54 PM  
Blogger Junkpoet said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Junkpoet said...

Actually, the picture has '90 stamped on it. That's only 15 years ago! Other than the hair and fashion styles, ya'll look exactly the same. ; )

Looked at a picture of myself from 15 years ago. Think I've lost a little weight and my hair seems to be thicker now. Ye'ah, as if!


2:00 PM  
Blogger Junkpoet said...

1.16.05 Just got home from work. Checking in.

Hope everything is going well for you.


5:21 PM  
Blogger Jessic said...

Hey bro, Just letting you know that we are checkin in & thinking about you daily. I think I talk about having my little sister (8 years younger) & older brother (8 years older)over in Iraq helping to save the world at least 20 times a day. Very proud of both of you!

Anyway, get to take Shelly & put her in quarantine for 3 or 4 days tomorrow, should be her last procedure. Definately want to be the one to lock her in the room. The roles in the house have really changed...usually she worries about me doing something stupid to injure or inflict pain on myself... Looking forward to that getting back to normal, already have plans to ensure the focus gets back on me.

5:54 PM  
Blogger rmiller said...

John, I went to your picture site...

DANG, LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR (I mean John, not you Amy)

Glad everything is going well. Post more pictures.

I'll check in on you again.


5:10 AM  
Blogger rmiller said...

John, by the way. Claire and I went to the boat show this weekend at the Austin Convention Center. Cool stuff and lots of boats. I picked out a couple of 53ft Cabin Cruisers (live aboards). They had a special 'boat show price' of only $279,000 each. I went ahead and got you one... Let me know if you want me to 'ship' it over to you or I could just hang on to it for you.

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi John--

Learned from visiting Dr. Franklin's office that you are in Iraq. Called and talked to Amy and she sent me the link to your blog. What a great tool to keep in touch and updated on what's "really" going on. The media is so misleading, and I know you all are doing great things.

Lori Byerley (Lauren's mom)

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Boy - You know that you and Megan are in my prayers daily. I hope you get to go see some of the archaelogical sites. That would be cool, probably the only cool thing going right now. Where is Camp Anaconda from you? Steve Briscoe is somewhere over there. Here is his email: . I will be sending him your blog. He is dealing with all of the SBE, so you may have already dealt with him or my best friend, Kelly Horne or my old SGM, George Dees. They all work with SBE, I think. Anyway. Take safe, Love, Carol

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John take care of all the christian chaldeans in telkepe they are good people go see our churches and most of all take care of yourself first and all my brother marines keep up the good work GI'S and may god bless u all Sempher Fi U.M.S.C.

8:59 PM  

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